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Åke Edwardson, Frozen Tracks

“Piercing attention, anxiety wound tight - Edwardson is a master"
Houston Chronicle





Åke Edwardson

Previous journalist and university teacher Åke Edwardson made his crime fiction debut in 1995. Similar to his Swedish colleagues Sjöwall-Wahlöö and Henning Mankell, Åke Edwardson has written a series of ten crime fiction novels starring one inspector. In Åke Edwardson’s case the inspector is Erik Winter of the Gothenburg police force.

Åke Edwardson’s Frozen Tracks was a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist in 2008. It is fitting that LA is the first US city to praise Åke Edwardson, since this city is a place where Åke Edwardson knows every street and alley way. Not because he has lived in LA, but because he an admirer Ross Macdonald, Raymond Chandler and especially James Ellroy, whom he cites as the main motivator for his career choice.

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